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1.The weaknesses of task-based learning lie not so much in the potential effectiveness of this type of instructional content but in problems of implementing the instruction.
2.Task-based learning requires a high level of creativity and initiative on the part of the teacher. If the teachers are limited to more traditional roles or do not have time and resources to implement task-based teaching; this type of teaching may be impossible.
3.Task-based learning requires resources beyond the textbooks and related materials usually found in language classrooms.
4.Because task-based learning is not what many students expect and want from a language class, they may, at least initially, resist or object to this type of instruction.
5.Task-based instruction is not teacher-centered; instead, it requires individual and group responsibility and commitment on the part of students. If students are notably lacking in these qualities, task-based instruction may indeed be difficult to implement.
6.Some learners revert to mother tongue when things get difficult or if the group feels impatient.
7.Some individuals develop excellent communication strategies, e.g. miming and using gestures, but get by using just odd words and phrases and let others supply the more challenging language they need. This may make those individuals fossilize before advancing very far in the syntax of the target language.
8.Some learners tend to get caught up in trying to find the right word, and do not worry over much about how it fits into the discourse.
9.There is naturally more concern for use of lexis and lexical chunks than for grammar and grammatical accuracy
10.There is a risk for learners to achieve fluency at the expense of accuracy.
11.Pressure of time will force learners to make use of language that can be readily accessed rather than to attempt to create language in real time. There may be a minimal concern with accuracy and no incentive for learners to extend their existing language system.
12.Evaluation of task-based learning can be difficult. The nature of task-based learning prevents it from being measurable by some of the more restricted and traditional tests.
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thanks for your helpful sharing.And in my opinion, TBL has some disadvantages below:
+It is hard for all learner with all levels-thought to adapt to the method of teaching.They may meet with some difficulty in using and manipulating knowledge that is suitable for the assigned task.So some of them fail to fulfil the task,in other words, they can't keep pace with others in this areas
+It is somehow hard to have a reliable test score or right evaluation because of the lack of teacher's task designed skill that can work well.
+Because the conflicts that exist in learners with different culture and traditional teaching philosophy, it is hard to ask sts working in group and collaborate with eacch other to solve the task.
+One more important thing is that the curriculums that focus on TBL is not popular and efficient, so it's hard to apply this method widely.
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